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Dan Nastro is a seasoned broadcast TV Producer and Editor currently making waves in the pro wrestling industry at All Elite Wrestling (AEW). With a career spanning diverse fields such as music, sports, and entertainment, Dan has established himself as a versatile and highly skilled professional in the television industry.

Dan began his career in 2009 as a videographer for The Jonas Group, the management company of the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. He quickly transitioned to music television in 2012, working as a video content producer for web, where he expanded his expertise in creating engaging digital content.

From 2018 to 2020, Dan ran his own production company, FUBAR Films, LLC, creating fashion, corporate, and music content for clients nationwide. This venture allowed him to diversify his portfolio and refine his production skills across various genres.

In 2019, Dan joined the New York Jets, where he was instrumental in creating broadcast programming. He played a crucial role in the Emmy-nominated "Flight 2021" documentary series and developed "Jets Gameday" for head coach Robert Saleh, providing fans with in-depth game analysis and exclusive content.

In 2023, Dan joined AEW, where he continues to produce and edit content that resonates with wrestling fans worldwide. His work is characterized by dynamic storytelling, high-energy sequences, and a deep understanding of the audience's expectations.

In addition to his television accomplishments, Dan is also a published photographer. His work has graced magazine covers and album covers, including the "Caught Feelings" single from Kris James. This aspect of his career highlights his artistic vision and ability to capture compelling images that complement his storytelling skills.

Throughout his multifaceted career, Dan has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and innovation. His ability to seamlessly transition between different genres and formats of broadcast media is a testament to his adaptability and skill.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dan is an active participant in the broadcasting community, contributing his expertise to industry events and forums. He is passionate about mentoring emerging talents, guiding them as they navigate the complexities of the media landscape.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys film photography, going to concerts and sporting events, and traveling to remote destinations to unplug from his media-focused professional life. These hobbies not only provide a creative outlet but also inspire his work, bringing fresh perspectives to his projects.

Dan Nastro's diverse experiences and unwavering dedication to his craft make him a standout figure in the world of broadcast television. He strives to craft compelling narratives and produce high-quality content, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.

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